Questions Tags

Or? Don’t you? Didn’t you? Etc…. was ist richtig??


Use the Five Column System!

Questions „Simple Present“

Questions in simple present made easy!

Use the Five Column System!

Question Structure

Questions can be EASY!

Use the Five Column System!

Question tags – CARDS

Frageanhängsel! They are a great thing to practice because they help you practice your knowledge of tenses and irregular verbs.

Here are some cards I made yesterday for the IG post and for class.

If you’ve got questions, let me know, won’t you?

Question tags – PART FIVE

Today rounds out our Question Tag series with some exceptions to the rules you’ve seen so far.

Do your best to use question tags more and more; they just take practice. And speaking of practice: they are an excellent way to practice your skills with tenses.

Question tags – PART FOUR

  Today you see how verbs, other than “ to be“, work in different tenses. smile

Question tags – PART THREE

   Today’s question tags focus on verbs other than „to be“ in the simple present.

For example:
You like… don’t you?
She plays… doesn’t she?
We Work… don’t we?
You don’t like… do you?
She doesn’t play… does she?
We don’t work… do we?

Question tags – PART TWO

Question tags are a must if you want your English to sound natural and relaxed, aren’t they? wink

Question tags – focus on the verb „to be“ 

It’s cold today, isn’t it? You’re learning English, aren’t you? These two sentences have question tags at the end. Question tags are really helpful to keep conversations going, to show your interest, to check information, and to sound more like a native speaker…  because we use them A LOT.

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