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Unser Headcoach David Allanby veröffentlicht seit Mai 2020 wöchentlich Videos auf Instagram und Facebook. Mit seinen „Tuesday Tips“ erhalten Sie interessante Videos rund um die englische Sprache. Nachfolgend können Sie alle bisherigen Videos zum Englischlernen nach Themen geordnet anschauen.

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Wenn Sie immer das neuste „Tuesday Tip“ Video wöchentlich automatisch erhalten möchten, dann folgen Sie uns doch einfach auf unseren Social Media Kanälen Instagram und Facebook. Jeden Tag posten wir hilfreiche Beiträge, um Ihr Englisch aufzufrischen. Hier geht es direkt zu unseren Kanälen Instagram und Facebook.

Auch auf unserem YouTube Kanal veröffentlichen wir jetzt wöchentlich interessante Videos zum Englisch lernen.


Irregular Verbs - Part Five Today we have verbs from everyone's favorite group: the verbs that stay the same!! e.g. I will put it... Yesterday I put it... I have put it... I put them into a silly story with some pictures to help you remember the verbs more easily....

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David’s Vlog – PASSIVE VOICE

Passive Voice - Part 3 Today you see how to create sentences like: "My car is being repaired at the moment." "The room was being cleaned when I arrived."Passive Voice - Part 2 Here you see five simple tenses (no ing) changed from active to passive. It goes pretty...

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David’s Vlog – Question tags

Question tags - PART FIVE Today rounds out our Question Tag series with some exceptions to the rules you've seen so far. Do your best to use question tags more and more; they just take practice. And speaking of practice: they are an excellent way to practice your...

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David’s Vlog – SIMPLE PAST

Simple Past - Signal Words    This post is to remind you not to say "I have done it yesterday" or "We have seen him last week", which are classic mistakes when translating from German.Wenn Sie immer das neuste „Tuesday Tip“ Video wöchentlich automatisch erhalten...

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Present Perfect - SIGNAL WORDS | Check out these ten signals for present perfect! They go pretty quickly, so watch it a few times to note the keywords and also how the present perfect is built. Keep in mind that PRESENT perfect has a link to the PRESENT and all these...

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David’s VLog – FOR VS SINCE

"For and Since" For and Since with the present perfect. Not always easy. Wie benutze ich FOR und SINCE? Wann setze ich sie wie ein. Einer der meist gemachten Fehler von Deutschen ist hier die falsche Übersetzung der Zeit und oft auch die falsche Verwendung von FOR und...

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David’s VLog – Pronunciation

Pronunciation of W - F - V! I hear mistakes with W, V and F perhaps more than with TH. So get in front of a mirror or shoot a quick video like I did and SEE if you're making the sounds correctly. Another combo to practice with is whale - fail - veil (always remember...

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David’s Vlog – HÄD I DAD I WAR I

HÄD I DAD I WAR I! Every action (or non-action) is so easy to judge AFTER an event has happened. Today I show you a phrase you can use (and which words the phrase comes from). Some vocab connected to it is: hindsight / heind-seit/ = späteres besseres Wissen to regret...

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David’s Vlog – If clauses made easy

If clauses made easy part 1 "IF and WILL is ILL""IF and WOULD is NOT GOOD" Here are some more examples of what to do and what not to do:If we see him tomorrow, we will say hello. (correct)If we will see him tomorrow, we will say hello. (incorrect)If I had a million...

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David’s Vlog – classic email mistakes

Two classic email mistakes If you can eliminate these two mistakes from your emails, you will be one step closer to excellent email writing.  And the fact that they are at the start and end of emails, makes them extra important to remember (first impression / last...

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