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David’s Vlog – The Meaning of…

The Meaning of MR SPEX Warum "Spex" eigentlich?The Meaning of WHISKAS Here we look at the brand Whiskas, and what it means.The Meaning of YouTube Warum YouTube? Was bedeutet tube, eigentlich?The Meaning of Netflix Ever thought of what Netflix means?Wenn Sie immer das...

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David’s Vlog – BECOME

BECOME "Part 2" When do get and become have the same/different meaning?BECOME "Part 1" Become doesn't mean "bekommen", so how do you use it. After you watch the video write a sentence using become. Practice makes perfect! Wenn Sie immer das neuste „Tuesday Tip“ Video...

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David’s Vlog – PHRASAL VERBS

GET ON Get on has a few different meanings and in this video we focus on the idea of time.GET ON WITH If you translate "Wir verstehen uns." as "We understand each other.", then check today's tip for correct ways to say it.GET BACK TO You can use this phrasal verb for...

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David’s Vlog – SOUND + MEANINGS

GROSS Pronunciation In class 9 out of 10 people say this word incorrectly. So, check it out, repeat it a few times, and send it to others you'd like to help sound better.Recipe - Receipt - Prescription Today's three words are linked to the German word "Rezept" (two...

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David’s Vlog – THE FUTURE

THE FUTURE - Part Four The meeting begins in 20 minutes. My plane lands at 8 pm. These are all examples of using the simple present for the future. My next class starts at 8:30 am.THE FUTURE - Part Three You can use the present progressive when talking about the...

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David’s Vlog – WILL VS WANT

WILL VS WANT - Part Two I hear a lot of people struggle with translating "Ich wollte...". Here's the right way to do it.WILL VS WANT - Part One Today's tip helps you avoid a classic German false friend. What will you do today? And what do you want to do today?...

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Irregular Verbs - Part Six Here I've grouped the irregular verbs that go I-A-U. Like swIm-swAm-swUm In my little "story" I mix verbs and a couple of nouns at the end. The main thing is to get the images into your head connected together. Then by remembering one or...

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David’s Vlog – PASSIVE VOICE

Passive Voice - Part 3 Today you see how to create sentences like: "My car is being repaired at the moment." "The room was being cleaned when I arrived."Passive Voice - Part 2 Here you see five simple tenses (no ing) changed from active to passive. It goes pretty...

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David’s Vlog – Question tags

Question tags - PART FIVE Today rounds out our Question Tag series with some exceptions to the rules you've seen so far. Do your best to use question tags more and more; they just take practice. And speaking of practice: they are an excellent way to practice your...

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David’s Vlog – SIMPLE PAST

Simple Past - Signal Words    This post is to remind you not to say "I have done it yesterday" or "We have seen him last week", which are classic mistakes when translating from German.Wenn Sie immer das neuste „Tuesday Tip“ Video wöchentlich automatisch erhalten...

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