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English Grammar – The 5-Column System

The 5-column system explains the complexities of English grammar at a glance. Barbara Förster, the owner of the language school LbT-languages, developed this system which is covered in two 81/2 x 11 pages. Her goal was to make English grammar as user-friendly and as easily applicable as possible without having to explain it through the use of expansive grammatical terminology. We have used this grammar system in our English courses for years. With the help of the 5-column system, beginners and advanced speakers learn correct sentence structure and verb tenses in a very short time span. We now offer you the 5-column system for English grammar for your personal use for free.

How can I use the 5-column system for English grammar?

By clicking on the SARF table or the DASH table („ing form“) you will come to a thorough explanation of the 5-column system for English grammar. Please print out the tables first. It is easier to comprehend the system that way.

The SARF Table The DASH Table

You will find the PDF-print version here.

Use the opportunity to acquire a vast understanding of English grammar in just a few steps. We are here for you via E-mail to answer your questions. But remember we can only offer you generic help. For a professional presentation of the 5-column system for English grammar, we offer you our half-day course "Introduction to the 5-column system",with Barbara Förster, the developer of the system. During this course, she will also show you how to build conditional sentences using “if” and the passive form. For further information and possible dates, please click here: Introduction to the 5-column system for the English language

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