Irregular Verbs – Part Six

Here I’ve grouped the irregular verbs that go I-A-U.

Like swIm-swAm-swUm

In my little „story“ I mix verbs and a couple of nouns at the end. The main thing is to get the images into your head connected together. Then by remembering one or two, the rest should come to mind relatively easily.

Irregular Verbs – Part Five

Today we have verbs from everyone’s favorite group: the verbs that stay the same!! e.g. I will put it… Yesterday I put it… I have put it…

I put them into a silly story with some pictures to help you remember the verbs more easily.


Irregular Verbs – Part Four

Here’s another little group of irregular verbs that have something in common. Watch it a few times and then you’ll remember the story/pictures very easily.

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The verbs in German are:

Irregular Verbs – Part Three

Learning the irregular verbs in their groups helps a lot with remembering them. Today’s verbs are: teach, catch, bring, buy, fight, think. 

I made them into a little story. If my story helps you, that’s great. But if you can practice this trick by making your own stories, that’s even better.

You know the saying: „Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.“

Irregular Verbs – Part Two

Today we look at a way to remember irregular verbs more easily. Like all good memory tricks it requires you to use your imagination and to use images…

Put the words into a memorable story. Something crazy or funny. This helps!

Irregular Verbs – Intro

This is the start of series on irregular verbs. Not sure what they are? Then check it out. In coming videos, I’ll show you some ways to remember them more easily.

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