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Unser Headcoach David Allanby veröffentlicht seit Mai 2020 wöchentlich Videos auf Instagram und Facebook. Mit seinen „Tuesday Tips“ erhalten Sie interessante Videos rund um die englische Sprache. Nachfolgend können Sie alle bisherigen Videos zum Englischlernen nach Themen geordnet anschauen.

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Wenn Sie immer das neuste „Tuesday Tip“ Video wöchentlich automatisch erhalten möchten, dann folgen Sie uns doch einfach auf unseren Social Media Kanälen Instagram und Facebook. Jeden Tag posten wir hilfreiche Beiträge, um Ihr Englisch aufzufrischen. Hier geht es direkt zu unseren Kanälen Instagram und Facebook.

Auch auf unserem YouTube Kanal veröffentlichen wir jetzt wöchentlich interessante Videos zum Englisch lernen.

David’s Vlog – If clauses made easy

If clauses made easy part 1 "IF and WILL is ILL""IF and WOULD is NOT GOOD" Here are some more examples of what to do and what not to do:If we see him tomorrow, we will say hello. (correct)If we will see him tomorrow, we will say hello. (incorrect)If I had a million...

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David’s Vlog – classic email mistakes

Two classic email mistakes If you can eliminate these two mistakes from your emails, you will be one step closer to excellent email writing.  And the fact that they are at the start and end of emails, makes them extra important to remember (first impression / last...

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David’s VLog – Writing numbers and writing the date

Writing the date In today's tip I show you some dos and don'ts regarding writing the date. There are many ways to write it!  Writing numbers Is it 7.300 or 7,300? 20,5 cm or 20.5 cm? A lot of people are unsure about how to write numbers (with commas and points)...

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David’s VLog – Irregular plurals word

Irregular plurals word Plurals in English are pretty easy... just putting an S at the end. But there are many plurals which don't follow this rule and here are some of the most problematic. Pay close attention to the last two examples!Wenn Sie immer das neuste...

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David’s VLog – Intonation and pronunciation

Intonation Stressed today? Hopefully not. But today's tip is about which syllable to stress; which part of the word that goes "up". So, put your feet up, relax, and enjoy learning the right ups and downs of some tricky words 🙂Intonation Part 2 ACCuracy or aCCUracy?...

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David’s VLog – much and many

Much and Many Part 1 Ever get much and many mixed up? Here´s a tip from Dave that might make things much easier for you!Much and Many Part 2 "little or few" Dave speaks about the words "little" and "few" and how to use them!Much and Many Part 3 "a lot of / lots of"...

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